Set the steam wands to high – this year’s Zarraffa’s Coffee  Barista Competition is set to be hot, hot, hot!

The annual Zarraffa’s Barista Competition is here and this is your invitation to watch 32 of our top baristas take the stage to show off their skills in hope of taking home the ultimate title.

Baristas from Queensland, Western Australia and New South Wales will be coming together to hit the stage next week to compete in round 1 of the Zarraffa’s Barista Competition, held at the Arundel Hills Country Club on the Gold Coast.

Competitors will take to the stage to showcase their Barista skills to a panel of expert judges, ensuring each espresso and latte produced is served to the our strict ethos and brand of coffee perfection.

After producing these two standard drinks, participants are then required to create a signature beverage for the crowd, as the ultimate opportunity to brandish skill, style and taste in an customised drink.

Zarraffa’s Coffee customers are invited to watch our talented family of baristas in action when heat 1 kicks off from 9am, Tuesday 5th July, continuing through to Thursday 7th July. Heat 2 takes place at 9am on Wednesday 31st August and Thursday 1st September at the same location.

Come on over to Arundel Hills Country Club, located at 1 Arundel Place, QLD, 4214, and enjoy a day of exceptional barista business And don’t forget to sample some of the signature drinks being served to the audience by each participant!

Can’t make it on the day but want to see the highlights? Follow @zarraffas_coffee on Instagram and be sure to keep an eye out for pics under #zarraffasbaristacomp