Brothers Dillon and Samuel Zavos, will follow in their parents’ footsteps as they open the latest Zarraffa’s Coffee drive thru at Oxenford on the Gold Coast, this week.

The siblings will be amongst a select number of second generation store owners and operators for the Australian-owned specialty coffee chain; a trend that is cause for celebration says founder and CEO Kenton Campbell.

“I started this business 20 years ago as a way to support my family,” said Mr Campbell.

“What has been happening, somewhat under the radar, is increasingly the families of our franchisees have become involved in our stores and now the next generation are sharing the reins with their parents and forging their own journey with Zarraffa’s.”

Bill and Claire Zavos own and operate both the Hope Island and Runaway Bay stores, with sons Samuel and Dillon respectively running each store as manager, prior to Oxenford opening.

“Often our franchisees employ their kids as a way for them to earn some money while at school or uni but some will graduate to the family business, showing that the years training ‘on the tools’ have paid off and that it is something that they wish to pursue in the longer term,” said Mr Campbell.

Mr Campbell said it was gratifying to be able to have built a franchise company that provides the means for so many livelihoods and careers.

“I’ve often said that not only are we a family business but a business of families, and I’m very gratified by that fact.”

Bill Zavos said it was an extremely proud moment to be able to ‘open shop’ not only in a thriving part of the Gold Coast but with both sons as franchisees side-by-side.

“Logistically I will be taking on an Area Manager role, overseeing all three of our stores, with Dillion managing the new Oxenford drive thru and Samuel looking after the other two stores,“ said Bill.

“We are passionate about this brand, our customers and the coffee and I think over the years we have instilled in our boys a similar outlook, with the business providing the means for them to carve out business careers as owners.”

The Oxenford store will service a booming part of the northern Gold Coast area and forms part of the multi-franchise strategy the company has been working on for many years.

Mr Campbell believes that there is value in every one of the franchisees in his business today.

“And while we need and want new blood in the system, we care about creating a business journey that is sustainable, profitable and with growth potential.”

“I’d say the success of this plan was never more in evidence than with the opening of Oxenford today.”

Zarraffa’s Coffee Oxenford (drive thru) is located at Tenancy 4, Global Plaza Cnr Leo Graham Way & Global Plaza Oxenford, QLD, 4210

Opening hours:       5am – 10pm, seven days a week


Following its successful launch in 2015, Okapi® by Zarraffa’s Coffee proudly unveil two new flavoursome blends for your home coffee experience.

Deep Forest and Black Rhino blends are now available at your local Zarraffa’s store, and joining Kenyan AA and Origin in the Okapi range.   

Inspired by the only living relative of the Giraffe, the Okapi (pronounced oh-cop-ee) is a beautiful and unusual animal that has become the face of the elite Zarraffa’s Coffee brand that houses their leading home capsule products.

The Deep Forest blend is perfect for all times of the day and is a delightful blend that compliments a gentle palate, with subtle acidity and a fruity, almost wine-like profile.

“We’re excited to be introducing these two new blends to our customers, who’ve taken to our capsules so enthusiastically,” says Zarraffa’s Coffee CEO and Founder, Kenton Campbell.

“There’s definitely a shift to at-home convenience that capsules can deliver and these two blends will appeal to more people, particularly those who are used to a great coffee.”

To highlight the company’s ongoing support of the American Association of Zoo Keepers and the Australian chapter of Bowling for Rhino’s, the Black Rhino blend was established for coffee-lovers looking for a strong, full bodied flavour, with a smooth, nutty, almost malt-like richness that carries through to a rich, dark cocoa flavoured finish.

“This blend is aromatic, spicy, and powerful, just like its namesake and is a tribute to this unique and rare animal.

“Just by purchasing a coffee from the local Zarraffa’s store, our customers provide ongoing support to the conservation efforts at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya, Africa. In this way we are able to share the good deeds of saving an endangered animal with our patrons, making their daily beverage more than just a cup of coffee.”

Information about the company’s support of Bowling for Rhinos can be found under our partnership page.

In addition to the two new flavours, Okapi® also houses two other blends that complement the range – Okapi® Origin and Okapi® Kenyan AA.

“The Okapi Origin is the closest blend to the coffee that’s served in store, offering a similar flavour profile. This full bodied, full flavoured bean comes with a hint of chocolate, berries and light floral, citrus notes,” says Kenton.

“While the Okapi Legend blend is the perfect place to start for new Okapi customers, the Origin Legend blend is for people who enjoy a smooth, chocolatey flavour with hits of nuts and spices.”

Further information on the Okapi brand, including details on machine compatibility, and its current offerings can be found by visiting

Want to stay up to date with the latest Okapi offerings? Be sure to subscribe to the Okapi newsletter at


In a glittering affair, held at the RACV Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast last night, Zarraffa’s Coffee crowned its 2016 Franchisee of the Year.

Taking top honours were mother and daughter duo, Tracey Slater and Danielle Cook, who helm the specialty coffee QSR’s Warwick store.

In a stellar year for the company, the regional Warwick store was the top all-around performer, proving that coffee culture is a strong retail constant in markets from the coast to the bush.

“It’s a firm indictment, not only for our brand but for the strength of coffee as a retail staple in both metro and regional markets,” said Zarraffa’s CEO Kenton Campbell.

“Our plans to extend our footprint are based primarily on our customers and their access to convenient coffee, and it is operators like Tracey and Danielle who exemplify the experience,” said Kenton.

The duo who opened their store in 2011, made the decision to relocate back to Warwick to open what was then the company’s 5th drive thru location.

“We turned up to head office and they offered us the Warwick site, it must have been fated as Mum was born and bred there and we have six generations of family in the vicinity,” said Danielle.

The team enjoy an easy partnership that has been the lynchpin of their success, as it’s not every mother/ daughter relationship that can carry a successful business.

“We are both used to working hard and long hours and, when we set out on this journey with Zarraffa’s, we came to the decision that if we were going to be doing the hard yards we’d much prefer to do it for ourselves. It’s been an incredible ride so far.”

The 2016 Store of the Year Award has once again been awarded to the Beenleigh store and franchisees Nick and Kelly Daswani.

For the second year running, Beenleigh has taken the coveted accolade, with owner Nick acknowledging that every day it was a team effort.

“I like to live by the ethos that ‘no one ever gave his best and regretted it’, and I would say that is especially true of our staff – there are definitely no regrets and we have been fortunate enough to be rewarded two years in a row for it,” he said.

The 2016 Awards also recognised new talent in the company, ironically with a long established store.

Miami One on the Gold Coast, took out this year’s Rookie of the Year Award with owners, Ben and Camilla Martin with Rebecca and Courtney Seager, working diligently to build up the business and create high customer satisfaction since taking on the franchise in May, 2014

The CEO Encouragement Award was presented to the Coolangatta store who have continued to build a solid business in the southern Gold Coast area.

Another example of an established store site, which opened in 2010, being given a new lease on life through hard work and collaboration by franchisees Marcus and Melissa Free, who purchased the franchise in mid-2014.

“It’s been a big couple of years of consolidation with some stores being turned over to new ownership and the 2016 Awards are testament to our franchisee’s commitment to our system and, I believe, to the support delivered to ensure health across our entire franchise network,” said Kenton.

“We are entering our 20th year of retailing and I cannot express my excitement for what’s to come in the next few years.”

“There are incredible opportunities for expansion in new markets, which will deliver better convenience for our customers, through new and improved food offerings, a more comfortable instore experience, and a brand new base of operations, all built around the same exceptional coffee we have always been known for.”

“All of this, combined with an incredible foundation of dedicated franchisees and amazing customers, is what I have been working towards since opening my first store in 1996 and is genuinely a dream come true.”

The full list of 2016 Award recipients:

Franchisee of the Year

Zarraffa’s Coffee Warwick (Tracey Slater and Danielle Cook)

Rookie of the Year (6-12 months trading)

Zarraffa’s Coffee Miami One (Ben and Camilla Martin with Rebecca and Courtney Seager)

CEO Encouragement Award

Zarraffa’s Coffee Coolangatta (Marcus and Melissa Free)

Store of the Year

Zarraffa’s Coffee Beenleigh (Nick and Kelly Daswani)

Growth Award (Less than 2 years trading)

Zarraffa’s Coffee Fairfield (Brendon, Debbie and Corey Blakemore)

Drive Thru Growth Award (2 years plus trading)

Zarraffa’s Coffee Kalgoorlie (Scott & Kyla Paterson)

Strip Mall Growth Award (2 years plus trading)

Zarraffa’s Coffee Jimboomba (Anna Fraser)

Internal Shopping Centre Growth Award (2 years plus trading)      

Zarraffa’s Coffee Capalaba (Prem & Dee Keshwani)

External Shopping Centre Growth Award (2 years plus trading)

Zarraffa’s Coffee Harbour Town (Kenton & Rachel Campbell)