Zarraffa’s Drives Rocky’s Love of Coffee

Much to the delight of the Rockhampton locals, Zarraffa’s Coffee has recently celebrated the opening of its 37th drive thru store.

After last year’s search for the ideal place to relocate the company’s Stockland’s store, the new store opened its doors at 61 Musgrave Street, Berserker, to the java-loving public in March.

The new store combines the convenience of a drive thru window with a dine-in store that features an African-inspired design.Rocky Store

“We have enjoyed great support in Rocky and are thrilled to be opening a drive thru in the north side of town,” says Zarraffa’s Coffee Founder and CEO, Kenton Campbell.

Customers can now grab their morning coffee on the run, or relax in comfort as they enjoy a wide variety of hot and cold beverages, and delicious food, throughout the day.

Located at the river-end of Musgrave Street, the store boasts two entry points and plenty of on-site parking.

“The added convenience of the drive thru is just one upside to the new location. Being open for most of the day means our customers can enjoy their favourite cup of Zarraffa’s when it suits them best,” enthuses Kenton.

The new store has also created local employment opportunities, with the company hiring 28 staff from the region. Patrons may even recognise familiar faces, from those who served at the Stockland’s Zarraffa’s.

“We have a great barista team who love serving up coffee to local customers, both old and new, since the stores opening,” says Kenton.

Zarraffa’s Coffee Rockhampton is open from 5am to 10pm, seven days a week.

Fast Five with Kenton Campbell

  1. Favourite coffee?
    Quad shot Americano with pouring cream (Masai)
  1. Favourite savoury item from the Zarraffa’s menu?
    Chicken, cheese & avocado Ciabatta
  1. Favourite sweet treat from the Zarraffa’s menu?
    Triple choc cookie
  1. Favourite animal?
    Sea animal – turtle
    Land animal – giraffe
  1. Favourite holiday destination?

Bowling for Rhinos

Despite shrinking numbers and an escalation in poaching, the 50 million-year-old endangered rhinoceros species has been given a fighting chance, thanks to a dedicated group of conservancies in Kenya, and a one-day, bowl-a-thon to raise funds in the United States and Australia.

Bowling for Rhinos was established by the American Association of Zoo Keepers (AAZK) to support conservation and raise awareness throughout the US. The annual events have so far raised over $6.6 million, all of which is sent to the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, the International Rhino Foundation and Action for Cheetahs in Kenya, as well as organisations in Indonesia.

Following several trips to Kenya, Dreamworld’s Wildlife Curator Michele Barnes decided it was time for Australia to get in on the action. After one trip to the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy that included Zarraffa’s CEO Kenton Campbell, Kiri Griffiths and Katrina Humphreys, the four decided that Bowling for Rhinos would be an ideal way to support rhino rescue.Bowling for Rhinos

“The rhino is an umbrella species, so when we work to save the rhino, we are helping to save thousands of other species that share its habitat,” Michele explains. “The Bowling for Rhinos event is a fun and fantastic way to help out not just the rhinos, but all the other beautiful animals that call the African grasslands home.”

In 2014, in cooperation with the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation and Zarraffa’s Coffee, the Bowling for Rhinos Australian chapter was launched. It raised $5,000 at its inaugural event held on the Gold Coast, with $6,000 raised the following year, and $4,390 in 2016. All of these numbers were boosted by an additional $25,000 donation from Zarraffa’s  – as its major partner – each year.

Zarraffa’s CEO and Founder, Kenton Campbell, said previous events had proven to be a great night, with people of all ages and abilities throwing strikes and spares, (and the occasional gutter ball), to do their bit to save some of the world’s most incredible wildlife.

“It’s always a fantastic night, combining some friendly competition and fun in pursuit of a serious and worthwhile cause; the saving of a unique and incredibly fascination species,” said Kenton.

“Having seen first-hand the very real impact the raised funds make in the curation and care of these animals at Lewa, I would encourage anyone who is interested in playing their part in conservation, or who just happens to enjoy ‘hitting the pins’, to join us.”

Now in its fourth year, the annual Bowling for Rhinos event will be held on the Gold Coast, with details of how to participate below.


When: September 7, 2017

Where: AMF Bowling Alley, Robina

Cost: $40 p/p (includes two games of bowling, shoe hire and finger food). Spectator tickets are also available for $25 (includes finger food).

Click here to purchase your tickets now.

The ‘Bowling for Rhinos’ charity was originally established by the American Association of Zoo Keepers (AAZK) in 1990 after realising that the Zoo Keepers of the world directed too much of their focus towards animals in conservation, meanwhile attention was urgently required for rhinos and their natural habitats.

With this motivation in mind, the team established the Bowling for Rhinos charity and lined up several ‘National bowl-athon’ chapters throughout America and Canada who staged their own fundraising events and have so far donated over six million dollars towards the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, the International Rhino Foundation and Action for Cheetah’s in Kenya.

The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is the home to over 400 African species of bird and 70 mammal species. Lewa currently houses 61 black rhino and are monitored daily in their natural habitats by highly qualified rangers, but at a cost that is hard to upkeep without the support of the AAZK and the donations generated by Bowling for Rhinos.


Dreamworld plays an active role in the fostering and protection of the region’s wildlife through the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation (DWF).

Established by Dreamworld in 2012, DWF is an internationally recognised fund committed to the protection, education and conservation of the earth’s most magnificent creatures and habitats, crucial to their survival.

DWF makes significant donations to fund anti-poaching patrols and conservation initiatives in Russia and Indonesia to help save tigers in the wild through its conservation partners 21st Century Tiger, Flora & Fauna International and the Phoenix Fund.

The foundation also supports several native wildlife conservation partners in Australia including Save The Bilby Fund and local universities.

Java Boom in Ipswich

Residents of Ipswich and surrounds will soon be able to enjoy more of their favourite coffee with the opening of a third Zarraffa’s Coffee drive thru store in the area, located in the suburb of Booval.

Hot on the heels of the opening of the West Ipswich store, just 6 months ago, the new Booval drive thru will open almost to the year after the Yamanto store first started trading.

It is clear that the people of Ipswich are enjoying the added convenience and quality of coffee that the Australian-owned and operated, specialty coffee company has to offer.

“We are seeing some really strong support of our stores as we expand west into the greater Brisbane, Lockyer Valley and Darling Downs regions,” said Zarraffa’s Coffee CEO and Founder, Kenton Campbell.

“People are voting with their feet – and their tastebuds – making it necessary to find the right location to cater for the growing demand, resulting in our third Ipswich site in just over year, with Booval.”

Mr Campbell went on to say that the combination of the company’s focus on crafting drinks perfectly to each customer and its history of specialty coffee and roasting its own beans, combined with the innovation of authentic barista-made drive thru coffee, was what kept driving the company’s popularity year on year.

The Booval store will be operated by experienced franchisees, Brett Kochner and Terry Flemming, who have successfully opened and operated the Richlands and Heathwood stores (located in south-west Brisbane), since 2013 and 2016 respectively.

The two started out as best friends in business, meeting when their sons attended the same kindergarten and haven’t looked back.

“Since opening our 1st store in 2013 we have remained as passionate about our business and customers, striving to provide an exceptional coffee experience every day for the past four years,” said Mr Kochner.

“We never forget that our customers are our best advocates so each and every experience or cup of coffee is designed to be the very best, every time.”

Zarraffa’s Coffee Booval (drive thru) will be located at 106 Brisbane Rd, Booval Qld 4304

Opening hours:                5am – 10pm, seven days a week

Keep an eye out on the Zarraffa’s Coffee Facebook page for store opening details.