Drive Thru Momentum Brewing Strong in Brisbane

Business is booming for Brisbane’s coffee market, with Zarraffa’s Coffee opening the doors of our 85th store this week, in East Brisbane.

Justin Fu, the seasoned franchisee behind the new Cannon Hill drive thru, is expanding operations after 13 years as the owner of Zarraffa’s Coffee, Toowong.

Mr Fu said off the back of his first store’s success, timing and passion were the driving forces behind the new venture.

“I love coffee and everything that the brand has to offer, so it was a no-brainer and dream come true for me to buy my first store, and when Cannon Hill came up for sale at just the right time I knew I had to take the leap and invest in another business,” he said.

“Zarraffa’s Toowong has been successful from the start, thanks to our amazing team who have been able to engage with the local community and build strong relationships through coffee.”

“We’re excited to bring this same level of premium product and service to Cannon Hill and get to know our soon-to-be regulars,” Mr Fu added.

Based east of Brisbane’s CBD, the Cannon Hill drive thru is conveniently located inside the Cannon Hill Kmart Plaza shopping centre car park, boasting 120 square metres of indoor and outdoor seating.

“We’re just on the corner of Wynnum and Creek Road, making it the perfect location for commuters and local residents alike to drive through on their way to work, or stop in for their favourite cup of coffee,” Justin said.

Zarraffa’s Managing Director, Kenton Campbell, said more access to high quality coffee, hand crafted by the company’s highly trained baristas, was a driving factor in the expansion of the drive thru model.

“The inception of our drive thru stores in 2009, has enabled us to choose higher traffic sites within densely populated markets, that ultimately help boost business and ensure our franchisees can be successful,” he said.

“It’s a win-win for our customers and franchisees, as we’re able to capture a large portion of the drive market that is seeking the ultimate convenience and better access to quality coffee.”

“Justin and his team bring with them a breadth of experience and brand knowledge, which I’m confident will deliver a stand-out experience for customers,” Mr Campbell added.

The Cannon Hill drive thru will employ a local team of 30, with a handful existing employees relocating from the Toowong store, to bring a foundation of experience and expertise to the new location.

Zarraffa’s Coffee Cannon Hill is located at Shop C6, Cannon Hill Kmart Plaza, Cnr Wynnum & Creek Roads, Cannon Hill.

Opening hours: 5am – 10pm, seven days a week.

Kochie’s Business Builders interviews Kenton Campbell

Zarraffa’s Coffee Founder and Managing Director, Kenton Campbell, recently sat down with Channel 7 business news program Kochie’s Business Builders, to share some insights into his background as an entrepreneur.

“Zarraffa’s started in 1995”, explains Kenton, “I had come from the states the year before, consulting in the coffee industry. I came from Seattle, which people would know, where specialty coffee with Starbucks and the like had started from.”

“And I came over here and saw a wide opening in the market. I realized that paper cups and takeaway coffee basically hadn’t arrived. So on March 25th, 1995 I incorporated, and set out on this journey.”

Kenton explains how the Zarraffa’s Coffee brand quickly advanced from the initial 60sqm factory in Southport, to becoming a household name in Queensland. “I needed to figure out another way of growing and managing the business, and I looked into it and found franchising… And that innovation paid off”, he says.

In 2012, Kenton visited Kenya, and a chance encounter established a long-term partnership with local coffee producers. “So we got a car organised,” he explains, “we went to this co-op, and for the last 7 years we’ve bought them out completely.”

Sharing his conservation philosophy, Kenton says “Zarraffa’s has been about meaningful conservation. Not buying fair trade – we are fair trade. We’re doing something behind the scenes, we’re not doing it for the pat on the back, or writing cheques out. Anybody can write a cheque. Go and see what you’re putting it into”.

Zarraffa’s Coffee now has over 80 stores across Queensland, Western Australia and New South Wales, and work has begun on the new national headquarters, stretching across 5.4 hectares on the Albert River in Eagleby, Queensland.

Watch the full ‘Entrepreneur in the Spotlight’ interview below:

Zarraffa’s Celebrates 50th Drive Thru Milestone

Today marks a milestone for successful speciality coffee company, Zarraffa’s Coffee, as it officially opens the network’s fiftieth drive thru in Far North Queensland.

Since introducing its inaugural drive thru model in 2009, Zarraffa’s Coffee has been fuelling customers seeking quality coffee on-the-go for nearly a decade, with its latest store set to open in Edmonton, a suburb of Cairns, today.

Seasoned franchisees, Joanne and Paul Brierley, are the husband-wife duo behind the latest Zarraffa’s Coffee drive thru and is the second store for the pair, following the success of their Cairns Showground site.

“It’s been quite the journey since opening our first store, and as we transition into multi-store ownership, we’re excited to be expanding our footprint into the southern corridor of Cairns,” Joanne said.

“Cairns Showground was born and grew from a passion to provide our customers with a differentiated coffee experience that saw us engrain ourselves into the local community.”

“We have been Cairns locals for over 20 years and after recognising a gap in the market for quality drive thru coffee back in 2014, we knew it was a step in the right direction.”

Nestled in the bustling suburb south of Cairns CBD, the Edmonton drive thru is located in a convenient location for commuters and local residents alike, boasting 130 square metres of indoor and outdoor seating.

Based at 6-14 Mill Road, Edmonton, the store services the suburbs of Gordonvale, Whiterock, Bentley Park, Mt Sheridan and surrounds.

“We genuinely look forward to building our existing customer base and meeting new people in the area to give them a taste of our exceptional product and refreshing service,” said Joanne.

“The connection to our customers and wonderful staff who love working with us is a testament to the level of consistent quality we aim to pour into the Edmonton store,” said Joanne.

Zarraffa’s Managing Director, Kenton Campbell said the drive thru model has been increasingly popular to prospective franchisees over the years due to its success and feasibility in market.

“Since launching our first drive thru, there has been a lot of research into the operation and functionality of the model to ensure that we deliver the Zarraffa’s Coffee promise and standard time and time again,” he said.

“Drive thrus have taken our retail operation to the next level, capturing a large chunk of the time-poor drive market that is seeking the ultimate convenience and easier access to quality coffee.”

“With close to four years in our Group, Joanne, Paul and their team will deliver a stand-out level of service and coffee experience,” Mr Campbell added.

The Edmonton drive thru will employ a local team of 25, with a handful of the existing employees moving over from Cairns Showground to help bed in the new store.

“We couldn’t do it without the help of our amazing team who have set the benchmark for our stores and allowed us to be where we are today,” Joanne said.

Zarraffa’s Coffee Edmonton is located at Shop 3, 6-14 Mill Road, Edmonton.

Opening hours: 5am – 10pm, seven days a week.

Race Car Driver and Former Police Officer Swap Fastlane Careers for Coffee

Robbie and Sonya Farr are the husband-wife duo behind the latest Zarraffa’s Coffee drive thru opening in Underwood.

After 25-years as a professional race car driver, Robbie is adding another challenge outside of his love of racing to become the newest franchisee of Zarraffa’s Coffee Underwood, alongside wife Sonya, a former state and federal police officer.

Mr Farr said they decided to take the leap after they fell in love with the brand and coffee some years ago and were impressed by Zarraffa’s benchmark in supporting new franchisees.

“Having researched numerous businesses, we were set on the franchise model of Zarraffa’s and fell in love with the brand due to its professional framework, customer service and fantastic coffee,” he said.”The brand feels more like a big family.”

The new Underwood store is located south-east of Brisbane at 91-101 Compton Road, Underwood and services the suburbs of Springwood, Eight Mile Plains, Rochedale South and surrounds.

Robbie expressed their excitement to be joining the local community and offering a premium product and drive thru service.

“We are thrilled with the site and look forward to establishing relationships with local coffee-lovers, businesses, sporting associations and emergency services in the area,” he said.

“It’s been a wonderful journey watching our store come to life and we can’t wait to welcome the community in and build relationships with our soon-to-be regulars.”

Zarraffa’s Managing Director, Kenton Campbell said the new franchisees bring with them passion and a knowledge of the brand that will ensure customers will receive the ultimate Zarraffa’s Coffee experience.

“The most important attribute of any new franchisee is enthusiasm, a focus on customer service and willingness to deliver the best cup of coffee, which Robbie and Sonya have proved through their hard work and commitment to deliver our brand promise,” he said.

“I look forward to seeing them embark on this new journey and flourish in their store and encourage the local community to come in and support them.”

The new Zarraffa’s Coffee Underwood drive thru is due to open Monday 9th July and will employ twenty-four locals to further embed in the community.

Robbie and Sonya’s leadership, combined with their passion for a new career path, will keep things on track as they operate the fast-paced drive thru business.

Zarraffa’s Coffee Underwood is located at 91-101 Compton Road, Underwood Q 4119

Opening hours: 5am – 10pm, seven days a week


Zarraffa’s Coffee Drives into Browns Plains

Multi-store owners of the Nerang, Worongary and Slacks Creek sites have expanded operations with a fourth drive thru, opening at Browns Plains today.

Seasoned franchisees Ben Old and Dion Scholz will expand their footprint across the network adding a fourth store to their operations.

“The new store is located in a very populated and busy area outside of Logan, offering the perfect pit stop for coffee lovers on-the-go or those looking for a relaxed setting to unwind,” said Mr. Old.

Nestled south of Brisbane’s CBD, the Browns Plains drive thru is located in a highly visible and convenient location for commuters and locals alike and boasts 140 square metres, with indoor and outdoor seating for up to 56.

Located at 111-121 Browns Plains Road, Browns Plains, the store services the suburbs of Berrinba, Boronia Heights, Marsden, Browns Plains, Kingston and surrounds.

“We are keen to expose those working and living in the area to our outstanding product, great service and the convenience of a drive thru store.”

“There are so many people based in the area that are on different schedules with early starts, shift work or those who have to commute past our new location. We are sure the combination of a custom drive thru store, relaxed seating area and being open from 5am until late, will be a hit.”

Mr Old believes that to truly immerse yourself in any business and make a success of it you must be an advocate of the product first and foremost.

“I started drinking coffee at what became my first Zarraffa’s Coffee store, when I lived around the corner, and I still drink Zarraffa’s every day.”

The new store will also employ a local team of 25 as they feel it is important to offer opportunities to those who live in the area.

“Any system is only as good as its people and we have a solid team, across all of our stores, some of whom have been with us for over 10 years.”

Zarraffa’s Managing Director, Kenton Campbell said that the wealth of franchise experience that Ben and Dion will bring to the new store will ensure customers receive the well-loved Zarraffa’s Coffee experience from day one.

“With over 10 years in our Group, Ben, Dion and the team will deliver an exceptional standard of service and importantly a great coffee experience.”

“It is the continual reinvestment of our franchisees, the passion for coffee of our entire team and the commitment of our customers every day that has helped build our Australian success story over the past 20 years.”

Zarraffa’s Coffee Browns Plains is located at 111-121 Browns Plains Road, Browns Plains.

Opening hours: 5am – 10pm, seven days a week.