Fancy a double shot of fresh espresso, delicious chocolate sauce, combined with any one of Zarraffa’s delicious flavour shots, topped with freshly whipped cream and dusted with chocolate flakes?

The new Mocha Max is just the antidote for a cold winter’s day designed to suit all your flavour cravings. question is, what personality will your Mocha Max have?

Launched as a limited-time opportunity you can now enjoy the delicious taste of Mocha Max – a double shot Mocha, mixed with your choice of yummy caramel, delicious vanilla, refreshing peppermint or divine roasted macadamia.

And if you’re a Zarraffa’s Z Card® member we have a special bonus just for purchasing our promotional drink – – a chance to WIN a trip to…well…anywhere!

Perhaps the idea of sunbaking in the Fijian sun, tasting fresh sushi in Japan, riding the rollercoasters in Disneyland or escaping the kids to embark on a romantic weekend away in Sydney, is just what the doctor ordered?

Whichever destination fires your imagination, it’s all possible as a Zarraffa’s loyalty card member.

Swiping your Zarraffa’s Z Card® with every purchase of the Mocha Max automatically puts you in the draw to WIN 1 of 3 $2,000 travel vouchers, with one lucky member winning each month!

Customers that aren’t loyalty members are invited to visit their favourite Zarraffa’s Coffee store to sign up to immediately enjoy the benefits, including complimentary sign up credit.

While you’re enjoying a Mocha Max, check out Zarraffa’s new food direction; a range of flavoursome options designed to be the perfect fit for breakfast, lunch and snack time.

Enjoy your daily coffee with a Zarraffa’s Brekkie Roll (ZBR) first up in the morning , or a Chicken, Cheese & Avo ciabatta for lunch, a scrumptious Brownie or Caramel Slice snack – all this and more is available at any one of the Zarraffa’s Coffee stores.

Choose the flavour of your day with this season’s Mocha Max…available in stores now.


Cool down with a refreshing blend of chai spices and espresso, topped with whipped cream and cinnamon, and you could be on your way to a 7-night vacation in Phuket, Thailand!

The delicious Java Chai Fusion is the new limited-time offering on the Zarraffa’s summer menu, allowing customers the opportunity to escape into a refreshing world of exotic spice.

Presented as a cold-blended fusion, the delicious Java Chai is topped with vanilla-infused whipped cream and freshly ground cinnamon. A non-coffee alternative is also available.

Swiping your Zarraffa’s Z Card® when purchasing the new Java Chai Fusion could be just the ticket for you and a friend to win 7 luxurious nights in Phuket, Thailand – including flights and accommodation!

The lucky winner will have the opportunity to revel in  the magnificence of Phuket’s beaches, enjoy traditional dining experiences and the rich history and culture Thailand has to offer.

Not a Zarraffa’s Z Card® member? Simply head into your local Zarraffa’s Coffee store and sign up to receive a complimentary beverage upon registration. You will also regularly accrue $Z with every swipe of your card with purchase to use on menu beverages, plus a subscription to GRIND™ Magazine, as well as access to  exclusive competitions!

Available from all Zarraffa’s Coffee stores from December until the end of February, the Java Chai Fusion is the perfect antidote to a hot summer day, sure to leave your tastebuds refreshed and tantalised.

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Throw on the flip-flops and head to your nearest Zarraffa’s Coffee store this summer to ‘chill-ax’ with delicious Java Chai Fusion, only for a limited time.