Introducing Kiwanda Café

Nestled within the beating heart of Zarraffa’s Coffee headquarters, in a reclaimed commercial warehouse on Distillery Road in Eagleby, Kiwanda Café is a brand-new factory concept café, brought to you by Zarraffa’s Coffee.

Swahili for ‘factory’, Kiwanda is the culmination of a two decade-long love affair with our daily grind; personifying the specialty coffee learnings of Founder Kenton Campbell while serving up epicurean delights for all tastes.

Mr Campbell believes Kiwanda will deliver a new coffee and dining experience for Queensland’s south-east, distilling Zarraffa’s twenty years of specialty coffee knowledge into a new bespoke dining experience, designed as a space to discover, explore, share and connect.

“It’s the opportunity of a lifetime for me,” said Mr Campbell, who opened his first Zarraffa’s Coffee store in 1996.

“Delivering an exceptional coffee product has always been at the core of the Zarraffa’s business but Kiwanda is an extension of that; combining a passion for pairing food with specialty coffee elements, all housed within a one-of-a-kind venue.”

Located midway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Kiwanda is a multi-zoned space with its signature fireplace and vaulted ceilings that take in views through the 4-metre-high glass windows into an Australian coffee-making engine room – the Zarraffa’s Coffee Roastery.

Also, enfolding the Kiwanda dining and beverage offering will be a Roastery Tour experience set for opening later this year; designed to educate and inform visitors about the Zarraffa’s Coffee bean-to-cup journey, through a visual and sensory encounter that explores the intricacies of the coffee world.

“Our Tour experience invites visitors to explore and understand the entire coffee journey, from crop to cup. It speaks to our relationships with coffee growing communities across the world, and just what it takes to produce the ‘liquid gold’ we have come to enjoy every day.”

Kiwanda Café is made up of an Espresso Bar specifically for beverages and light snacks, and the Kiwanda Kitchen and Bar that presents a range of gastronomical offerings and complementary beverages, including the signature Espresso Martini.

“Our Espresso Bar serves up the entire Zarraffa’s drink menu and more,” said Mr Campbell.

“We have taken what people know and love about Zarraffa’s and infused it with our authentic understanding of coffee; employing a range of coffee-making methodology and extraction methods to create a new range of beverage offerings to enjoy.”

From Cold Drip to Cold Brew and Nitro to Pour Over Coffee, Kiwanda has developed a range of distinct and delicious flavours through its unique piccolo air roasting facility.

“What’s also exciting is our ability to roast premium single origins, micro lot, estate and regional coffee beans from right around the world, which will be available at different times throughout the year to enjoy onsite or to take home.”

Kiwanda Café hones a strong passion for creating a dining, entertaining and connected experience like no other. The Kiwanda kitchen menu caters for breakfast and lunch and offers a range of inviting snacks, referencing home-style dishes and offerings with a myriad of flavours that are designed to be enjoyed by everyone, including those with dietary restrictions.

“Simple, tasty and delightfully presented dishes are a staple of Kiwanda and we have options for diners looking for gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and dairy-free choices,” said Mr Campbell. “It is about offering a satisfying dining experience through a curated range of options, designed to please all tastes.

From the quintessential all-day staple of Smashed Avo, to the heathy Goddess Dressed Seasonal Green Bowl, or more filling options such as the Southern Fried Chicken BurgerPork Belly with Mixed Greens or the KC Burger, diners will be tempted to try a new take on Eggs Benedict the Shed Bennie and the beautifully presented and irresistible Berry Leige Waffles – Kiwanda is sure to satisfy.

The Kiwanda Bar is a fully licensed venue that is designed to transform for a wide of functions and events.

“It’s in the details, such as our longstanding partnership with Burleigh Brewing, that highlights our intent with Kiwanda to create a local focus,” he said.

“Working with an award-winning producer to showcase an inspired collaboration, including the award-winning Black Giraffebeer, is what we want Kiwanda visitors to find joy in, each and every time they visit.”

“Kiwanda is a full 360-degree, specialty coffee immersion that our customers are free to enjoy in their own way; through a simple cup of coffee, a take away snack or a shared meal, a delightful tipple with workmates or spending time on our tours learning about the intricacies of the coffee-making process.”

“Every part of Kiwanda Café is designed to harvest a deeper sense of enjoyment of specialty coffee, right here in our own backyard.”

Kiwanda Café is located at 124 Distillery Road, Eagleby QLD 4207.

Opening hours: 6am – 5pm, seven days a week.

Visit for more information.

Bookings and enquiries can be made by calling 07 5500 0800 or email