Zarraffa’s Coffee prides itself on the extensive and ongoing training offered to help shape its Baristas, Supervisors, Managers and Franchisees via the BAM (Barista, Advance, Master) program.

To become an Advanced Barista, understanding why Zarraffa’s does things the way it does is key. The Advanced Barista program challenges each Barista to develop their understanding of Zarraffa’s Coffee, thereby advancing themselves in their role.

In order to become a supervisor or manager with Zarraffa’s Coffee, Advanced Barista training must be completed first.

The Advanced and Master Barista programs are all about ‘time in’. ‘Time in’ is a concept which describes the amount of time expected to be dedicated to the development of the Barista before being awarded the status of Barista, Advanced or Master Barista.

The following is the anticipated ‘time in’ for the entire BAM process:

  • Barista – 3 months of training to gain a Barista Certificate
  • Advanced Barista – 6 months of experience and training as a Barista before starting the Advanced process
  • Master Barista – 12 months experience and training as an Advanced Barista before starting the Master process

What you can expect when being served by an Advanced Barista


You will recognise when you are being served by a Zarraffa’s Coffee Advanced Barista by the badge emblazoned on their shirts.

An Advanced Barista will have impeccable customer service with a fresh, polite and friendly manner, a ‘can-do’ attitude, thorough knowledge of Zarraffa’s Coffee products and of course, the ability to make an individually perfect cup of coffee every time!

So expect the very best when served by an Advanced Barista in store.