For over two decades we have taken an active involvement in our communities through large scale and local community initiatives.

Established in 2012, the Zarraffa’s Foundation formalises what we’ve coined our ‘Backyard Policy’, focussing on supporting causes impacting our own community as well as that of the coffee and conservation communities around the world.

As we’ve grown, so has our backyard grown, especially in the past decade when we established trading partnerships with international coffee growing communities including the Meru Co-op in Mt Kenya.

Zarraffa’s Coffee has always taken pride in being able to give back. Combining our philanthropic intent and our deep history of specialty coffee, mired in our roots as an Australian-owned company, we are growing a philanthropic ethos of being ‘More Than Just a Cup of Coffee’.

In practice, each cup of coffee purchased does more than deliver a great beverage, it symbolises what we at Zarraffa’s are about and our commitment to our backyard, to where our coffee comes from, to charity, to ‘trade, not aid’ relationships, to family business, to conservation and more.

Giving back helps Zarraffa’s grow as an Australian-owned and operated business and your support of our family of stores means that we can all do our bit for our backyard…one cup at a time.



Zarraffa’s Foundation

Through the Zarraffa’s Foundation, we are able to give back to the community and support a number of charitable groups both locally and internationally.


Backyard Policy

The Zarraffa’s Foundation formalises what the company has for many years coined as its ‘backyard policy’; supporting causes affecting its own backyard spanning local communities, wildlife conservation and the coffee industry.

Through the Zarraffa’s Foundation, the donation of monies to aid some of our smallest humans or most endangered wildlife have been gifted to support our growing backyard, worldwide.

Funds are raised by the Foundation primarily via direct donation from Zarraffa’s Coffee customers, through the network of more than 90 stores in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia, and from the patronage of the company’s main fundraising vehicle – the Zarraffa’s Coffee Trailer.

One hundred percent of the funds raised by the Zarraffa’s Foundation go towards assisting the work of registered charities that are helping some of our most disadvantaged citizens and endangered animals.

By supporting these established and reputable charitable groups, to brighten the future of our world’s inhabitants, the Zarraffa’s Foundation is able to give back in a meaningful and direct way.


Want to know more?

For the first time, Zarraffa’s Coffee will be opening the doors to our headquarters, giving coffee lovers the opportunity to tour our Roastery facilities, and learn more about to origins of our ‘liquid gold’.

These tours invite you to learn more about how Zarraffa’s interacts with conservation and our wider international coffee fraternity.

We invite you to make the migration from your local store to our purpose-built Zarraffa’s Coffee headquarters in Eagleby, to explore the intricacies of the entire coffee journey, from crop to cup. For long time lovers of our coffee products, it’s a chance to showcase what we’ve built over two decades and to show our appreciation by sharing this new experience with you.

Roastery Tours will be operating very soon, stay tuned!



Major Charity Partners

The Zarraffa’s Foundation works with many grassroots, community and charitable organisations of all sizes, across the breadth of our store territories and internationally.

Here are some of our major, long term partnerships:


Act For Kids

Act for Kids is a ‘for purpose’ organisation working tirelessly to prevent and treat child abuse and neglect in Australia.

Established in 1988, Act for Kids’ vision is for all kids have a safe and happy childhood, free from abuse and neglect.

Their services have expanded to include evidence-based integrated therapy, support for vulnerable families, special workshops to empower kids, and safe houses in remote Aboriginal communities.

Act for Kids has helped thousands of children and families affected by child abuse and neglect. Last year alone, they supported 46,084 children, parents and carers. But, there are many more kids who need urgent assistance.

Zarraffas’ commitment to helping Act for Kids treat and prevent child abuse and neglect has been life-changing to children and families right across Australia. Our support has helped Act for Kids grow nationally, ensuring they can provide life changing therapy to as many vulnerable kids as possible.

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Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy sits at the base of Mount Kenya in Africa, next to the Meru Coffee Co-op where we source some of our specialty coffee beans.

Lewa serves as a safe refuge for the critically endangered black rhino and the endangered Grevy’s zebra, as well as the elephant, lion, giraffe, wild dog and other iconic wildlife species in Kenya. The Conservancy is also home to more than 400 species of birds.

The Zarraffa’s Foundation supports the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy as a major financial contributor to ensure the continued conservation of the native wildlife in Northern Kenya.


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Il Ngwesi Lodge

The Il Ngwesi Lodge is the first lodge of its kind in Kenya, owned and operated by the local community.

The lodge aims to combine eco-tourism and sustainability with community development. Profits from the lodge support a range of community projects, including wildlife conservation, education programs, health and infrastructure, entrepreneurship, agricultural development and preserving the culture and history of the six local Maasai villages.

The Zarraffa’s Foundation supports the Il Ngwesi Community Conservation through upgraded infrastructure and tourism.

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Bowling For Rhinos

The AAZK’s Bowling for Rhinos (BFR) provides zookeepers of the world with an avenue to raise funds and awareness for rhino and habitat conservation.

AAZK realized that the zookeepers of the world were extremely conservation oriented and wanted to help save rhinos and their habitats yet did not have the financial resources themselves to make any significant impact. That’s when the idea came to start a national bowl-a-thon called Bowling For Rhinos.

In 1990, AAZK began by supporting the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya and has since expanded the program.

An annual event across the world, Bowling for Rhinos has, to date, raised a collective $7.9 million which is spread across the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, International Rhino Foundation and Action for Cheetahs in Kenya as well as various wildlife organisations throughout Indonesia.

The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy has provided a safe and suitable home for Rhinos since 1983 and continues to be a leading pioneer in private Rhino sanctuaries in East Africa. Since 2013, there have been zero poaching incidents in the region and their Rhino numbers have grown from a low 15 rhinos to 169 through their curation and local education.

The Zarraffa’s Foundation is proud to support Bowling For Rhinos internationally and domestically as the major sponsor of the Australian chapter.

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