Since our inception in 1996, Zarraffa’s Coffee has always felt compelled to give back to the very communities from which we operate.

For over two decades we have taken an active involvement in our local communities through Brand initiatives and our local area marketing activities across our network of stores.

Established in 2012, the Zarraffa’s Foundation formalises what we’ve coined our ‘Backyard Policy’, focussing on supporting causes impacting our own community as well as that of the coffee and conservation communities around the world.

As we’ve grown, so has our backyard  grown, especially in the past decade when we established trading partnerships with international coffee growing communities including the Meru Co-op in Mt Kenya.

Zarraffa’s Coffee has always taken pride in being able to give back and our ‘More Than Just a Cup of Coffee’ policy best encapsulates how we aim to assist those coffee growing communities or causes who most need our help.

Combining our philanthropic intent and our deep history of specialty coffee, mired in our roots as an Australian-owned company, the ‘More Than Just a Cup of Coffee’ policy is about simply that.

Each cup of coffee purchased does more than deliver a great beverage, it symbolises what we at Zarraffa’s are about and our commitment to our backyard, to where our coffee comes from, to charity, to ‘trade, not aid’ relationships, to family business, to conservation and more.

Giving back helps Zarraffa’s grow as an Australian-owned and operated business and your support of our family of stores means that we can all do our bit for our backyard…one cup at a time.