At Zarraffa’s Coffee our Franchisees are fondly called Zees and are united by ethical purpose, connection and culture to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

Their commitment to excellence, on a daily basis, serves to strengthen the company and franchise system to produce profitable franchises.


Zarraffa’s Coffee Australia Fair Store And Kiosk

David and Lynn Fulcher

David and Lynn Fulcher first became aware of the Zarraffa’s Coffee brand after speaking with founder Kenton Campbell in 1998.

Kenton, who was at the time serving them at his first store located at Australia Fair Shopping Centre at Southport on the Gold Coast, captivated them with his passion for the brand and product.

David and Lynn Fulcher, who have now been with Zarraffa’s Coffee for almost 10 years, said that watching as the first franchise opened and being converted to ‘the best coffee we had ever tasted’, were steps that followed and encouraged the pair to get in on the action and open a franchise.

In December 2004, David and Lynn opened the Logan Hyperdome store, making sure to take the time to conduct their due diligence with regards to finances and planning and who, as result, found the process smooth and ultimately successful.

The back-of-house support from Zarraffa’s Management staff and the consistency in the company’s procedural processes and brand identity over the subsequent years saw the pair jump at the chance to purchase the original Zarraffa’s Coffee store, plus the Kiosk in Australia Fair in 2005.

In the same year, the Fulcher’s took out the title of Franchisee of the Year; a fitting reward for their commitment and passion to the brand and business.

Now after having witnessed and been a part of the company’s exceptional growth, David and Lynn agree that working with the franchise system and not against it, submitting ideas and respecting the outcomes and working as a team are critical to success.

It is this knowledge and their commitment that have seen the couple become the longest running franchisees and highly respected among the Zarraffa’s Coffee Group.

David and Lynn’s commitment to the business paid off again in 2009, when they were named in the as a finalist for Franchisees of the Year, a win in 2012 was highlighted the success of the partnership between these long standing franchisee and Zarraffa’s Coffee.



Zarraffa’s Coffee Fairfield And The Lakes (Townsville)

Brendon and Debbie Blakemore

Returning to the workforce for any parent is a difficult decision to make, deciding what to do is often even harder. This was the case for franchisees Debbie and Brendon Blakemore.

After realising that their lives consisted of regular trips to local coffee shops in and around the Gold Coast, Debbie and Brendon decided that it would be a wise move to open one of their own.

Their love of Zarraffa’s Coffee in particular made the initial decision quite simple; realising that the franchising system was straightforward and, in their words ‘easy to follow’, made their decision to join the Group an easy one.

The pair opened their first store in November 2005 at the Miami One Shopping complex on the Gold Coast.

The Blakemores found that one of the critical factors in opening a new business – developing a customer base – wasn’t a problem for them and attributed this to the strength of the Zarraffa’s brand that gave them “…an immediate level of business and loyal customers”, who would “…drive out of their way for their favourite drink”.

In 2009, after growing their store at Miami and witnessing the growth of the wider company, the opportunity arose to open Zarraffa’s first drive thru store at Worongary on the Gold Coast.

Located just off Exit 77 on the M1 freeway, the store reinvigorated the company’s commitment to convenience and quality, triggering a new era in franchising and store operations for Zarraffa’s.

While this prototype store was a learning experience for Debbie, Brendon and the brand, the comprehensive planning, training and ongoing support from Zarraffa’s equipped the Blakemores with the tools to operate what has become one of the most successful stores in the Group.

When asked to provide potential franchisees with advice, they council establishing your own goals and evaluating whether the Zarraffa’s Coffee system suits these goals. They advise talking to other Zarraffa’s franchisees – people who live and breathe the brand.

The Blakemores have also turned their success into a business opportunity for their family, with son Corey relocating his young family in late 2012 to Townsville to open the region’s first store at Fairfield. 2014 will see this enterprising franchising family also tackle a second location at The Lakes, Townsville.